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The Next Evolution 2023 Attendance Badges

By December 21, 2022No Comments

Through a partnership with Vennity, we will be creating unique NFT Badges to collect by attending 2023 The Next Evolution programs!

Each badge you claim counts towards an end of year drawing for a prize to be given out in December 2023.

1. Attend a monthly The Next Evolution program (in person or virtually).

2. Scan the QR code, like the example provided here, for a redeemable attendance badge.

This will open the badge claim page in the Vennity web app.

3. Tap the Claim button at the bottom to claim your badge.

If you aren’t logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

You may sign up using your email or existing Ethereum wallet.

Users signing up using their existing wallets will be asked to verify their email.

After successfully logging in, return to the Claim page (you can scan the QR code again) and tap Claim again.

Follow any prompts until you have reached the successful Claim screen.

Congratulations, you have your event badge!