The Print Show

Case Study

Immersive Education  |  Event Production

Demonstrate the Power of
Augmented Reality for Print

The Association for Print Technologies (APTech) had been hosting The Print Show in Chicago for over fifty years when in 2019 they hosted PRINT 19 at McCormick Place for the last time. As part of this show, APTech wanted to demonstrate how Augmented Reality (AR) technology could interact with and add value to printed materials. APTech contacted VRAR Chicago and explained their needs, and then connected event sponsors and producers with VRAR Chicago to discuss additional needs related to some of the workshops being hosted at the show.

The Association for Print Technology was aware their audience needed to learn more about virtual reality and augmented reality technology and how it would affect the commercial printing industry in the coming years.

VRAR Chicago provided demonstrations, connected customers with vendors, assisted with workshops, and even provided technology consulting services helping an event sponsor extend their live workshop at the show to virtual audiences in an interactive way.

What We Did:

Print 19 organizers contacted VRAR Chicago approximately 3 months prior to the event and asked for help providing assistance and demonstrations related to virtual and augmented reality for their audiences. Initial conversations helped to identify the organizer’s goal for this project – to help Print 19 sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees gain an understanding of how AR & VR technology are affecting the print industry.

VRAR Chicago provided the following services to achieve this goal. First, several meetings with the event organizer provided introductions to interested sponsors, one of which engaged VRAR Chicago to provide an interactive streaming service for their in-person workshop on print software. Second, VRAR Chicago team members participated in a workshop explaining how VR technology could support training for commercial print operators. Finally, VRAR Chicago engaged with the Chicago Chapter of the VRAR Association to fill a booth on the Exhibition floor with companies that had successfully provided VR and AR solutions to print industry clients – where those technologies were demonstrated live for the expo attendees.

The Result:

All VRAR Chicago engagements at Print 19 were successful. Organizers and attendees provided VRAR Chicago with survey results indicating their workshop on VR & AR technology was helpful in answering questions about the technology and removing some of the mystery around how it is being implemented in the commercial printing industry. The Sponsor’s streamed workshop provided a virtual audience with an interactive capability to participate live in conversation with the presenters. The AR & VR exhibition booth was busy throughout the duration of the expo, benefitting both the event attendees and the guest exhibitors who leveraged their demonstrations into an opportunity to meet new customers.