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06/02/2021 – About the Topic:

We all know that time is money. Immersive technologies can greatly reduce the amount of time spent considering different properties. Through virtual tours, individuals can visit properties remotely and rule out options that don’t work without any of the time required to coordinate or execute a physical walkthrough. By using VR and AR, raw spaces can be designed and redesigned with a click of a button — with the added benefit of being able to experience what “could-be,” prior to breaking ground or “proceeding to checkout.” Instead of designers or salespeople spending time and money on one vision of a space, there is flexibility to allow for new visions and revisions to be easily considered for clients, collaborations, or personal use. 

Being able to take 3D or VR tours of properties at any point of execution of a project also has many benefits. For example, one aspect is the ability to reduce time answering simple questions that people can experience and answer for themselves via a virtual tour. Allowing for clients to walk through a space at their own leisure without feeling rushed or encroached by other potential buyers is another benefit. Tours being accessible globally also allows for those relocating to get a more realistic perspective of what the property looks and feels like. These unrushed tours also have shown to give people an emotional connection and sense of ownership of a space which can help with sales.

Other aspects of owning property, as well as benefits for property management, can also be improved with these new technologies. Using augmented reality instructions or virtual reality to train proper maintenance can benefit time and efficiency or be incredibly helpful for rental properties. 

Join us on June 2nd. We will be exploring how real estate is implementing immersive technology tools. 

Panel Members:

Attending VRAR Chicago Virtual Meetups

We encourage folks to join us in the virtual environment, in the Conference Hall, by downloading the Virbela open campus client at

Otherwise, people can join by watching the scheduled live stream at – where we will field questions from!

The Virbela virtual environment resembles a physical space, so you will be able to talk with other attendees prior to the start of the presentations. We suggest that you arrive no later than 6:00pm and we will get started promptly at 6:15. Please try to get familiar with the technology prior to the day of the meetup, as we will be unable to provide support during the event.

We will start with informal networking, then host a panel discussion to answer audience questions, and we end with more networking. We keep it simple and informal – this meetup is about you, our members, and not just a soap box for the host, presenters, or our sponsors. Come and get your questions answered, take your next step in Immersive Technology.

thank you to our sponsors

thank you to our partners

Signing up for VirBELA

VirBELA is available on mac, windows, rift and vive.

First, you will want to create your account and then download the program onto your computer by going to their registration page. For Rift and Vive, it should be pretty straightforward in their interface.

  • You will need to verify your email address
  • Create an avatar
  • Log into their “open campus”

Once logged in and in the VirBELA open campus area, walk around with your arrow keys and then click the Go To menu on top left of the screen. Our program will be in the Conference Hall, so you will need to click that option to join us.

System Recommendations

  • PC or Mac, Windows 7 SP1+ or newerMac OS X 10.11 or newer
  • Headphones and a microphone
  • Power cord plugged in for extended use

Entering the Virtual Venue – Conference Hall

  • Log into VirBELA
  • Click Go To menu on top left of your screen
  • Select Conference Hall

VRAR Chicago Virtual Environment Code of Conduct

Open microphones and/or not using headphones can create an echo effect that can negatively affect others’ experiences

  • Please use headphones if you can.
  • Keep your microphone on push-to-talk (using the number 1 key)
  • Act as if this is a space that you are in physically!
  • For the Questions and Answers portion
    • Click “Raise Hand” on bottom of your screen
    • Wait to be called on
    • Ask your question
      • Press the 1 key and hold it to open your mic
      • Ask your question and wait a moment
      • Release the 1 key

VirBELA tricks

  • Press and hold the 1 button to open your microphone to speak
  • Pressing the spacebar unlocks your view or “head” to look around
  • You can click someone’s name and click Go To and automatically walk to them
  • Your Go To menu lets you raise your hand, wave, or even dance!
  • Click the screen menu on top of your screen once in the Conference Hall to select your preferred ‘view’ to enjoy the program. 
    • You can toggle between these selections during the program