The Next Evolution: Demo Day

Taking place at 1871
222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #1212

June 5, 2024


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the goal

The challenge for immersive technology and its adoption: there is what we know, what we don’t know, and all that we don’t know we don’t know. When creating dynamic and robust panels for The Next Evolution, we strive to include and not alienate, to engage all who are interested regardless of their experience with or knowledge of the technology. Whether you’re a first time user or an expert in spatial computing, these events are for you.

What are the ways in which you have used the technology?

What are the ways in which you think the tech should be used?

What companies are creating the buzz that gets you excited about the future?

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community involvement

sponsorships and partnerships

We look for innovative companies and organizations to sponsor individual programs and our event series. We are also continually developing relationships with our partners to continue our growth and to allow us to continue providing this programming at no cost to our audience. We have the support in our efforts of leading corporations, industry associations, fellow entrepreneurs, business accelerators and technology incubators. Are you looking to cultivate your own exposure and growth in this expanding community?


The adoption of immersive technology, particularly in response to the pandemic, is rapidly changing how people work and play.

VRAR Chicago’s event series, The Next Evolution, began in 2017 and successfully transitioned to a 100% virtual format at the end of March of 2020. We have been continuing to bring VRAR & Industry leaders to a (virtual) stage for free, cutting edge programming. In late 2022 we returned to hosting in-person events, while continuing to support our virtual and live-stream audiences, making the format hybrid.

Every month we feature a different industry and highlight current and potential implementations of emerging immersive technology solutions within that industry. We gather an expert panel to offer a snapshot of who they are, what they are working on, and their future goals, but we really focus the discussion on the needs of our audience through the Q&A portions and community networking to help them take their next step forward with immersive technology.

Being virtual has given our program a global reach but we will always anchor to Chicago, starting our program at 6pm Central. This can be a challenge for folks in different time zones, but we do our best to include all those working on the edges of immersive technology adoption.

going virtual
then hybrid

thank you to our sponsors

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