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01/08/2020 – About the Topic

Our first topic in January of the new year will be Human Resources. VR and AR applications have made their way into all aspects of corporate life and human resources is no exception. Examples of this are using VR to train both sides of the equation when it comes to job interviews and to get empathy training for cases like sexual harassment and other power dynamics in the workplace. We will have demos of these cases running for people to try before and after the panel session.

What’s The Format:

5:30-6:00 – Demos and Networking
6:00-6:30 – Introductions.
6:30-7:00 – Panel Discussion
7:00-8:00 – Q&A
8:00-8:30 – Networking & Demos
8:30-9:00 – Cleanup and Good Bye

We start with informal networking and technology demonstrations, then host a panel discussion to answer audience questions, and we end with more networking and technology demonstrations. The conversation will start with a primary topic, but ultimately take us wherever it goes. We keep it simple and informal – this MeetUp is about you, our members, and not the host or presenters. Come and try some new technology, get your questions answered, and take your next step in XR Technology.

Panel Members


This month’s catering and drink service is being sponsored by Insperity.

Since 1986, Insperity has been showing companies how to harness the power of HR to improve business success. We’ve grown from two people sharing a one-room office to a $3.3 billion company with more than 70 offices across the U.S

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