Virtual Reality Training demonstrates a 4x increase in training time effectiveness and a 3.8x increase in emotional connection to learning materials among students.*


* Source: PwC VR Soft Skills training Efficacy Study, 2020

little girl using vr

What is Virtual Reality Career Awareness Day?

A low cost, turnkey, single day program that turns your school gym or multi-purpose room into a virtual reality (VR) lab. VRAR Chicago provides everything necessary – equipment, software, WiFi, staff – to deliver VR based Career Awareness education supporting the IL PaCE requirements for up to 312 middle grade students within a normal school day.

  • No burden on teachers or school staff.
  • Only 40 Minutes per Student:
    • 20 Minutes Instruction & Familiarization
    • 5 Minutes Transition
    • 15 Minutes in VR
  • Students select two hands-on job experiences from a large selection across eight career clusters
    • We’re partnered with Transfr, the industry leader in VR Career Awareness
  • Total cost is $7,500 per day.
    • Some of this cost may be eligible for reimbursement from your regional EFE office.
    • We partner with a 501(c)3 that can setup a fundraiser to help offset the cost.

Learn How VR Career Awareness Day Can Benefit Your School!

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