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Vennity - Vlad Avesalon
Jay Yearley wins Quest 3 from VRAR Chicago

VRAR Chicago and their passion project, The Next Evolution | AWE Nite Chicago event series, are thrilled to announce the results or our exciting collaboration with Vennity for The Next Evolution’s 2023 raffle giveaway. This program is extending into 2024 with enhanced opportunities for participation. The Next Evolution, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing spatial computing education, has joined forces with Vennity to infuse a touch of innovation into their raffle using an NFT-based Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP). Attendees of AWE Nite Chicago events can collect these unique NFTs, acting as virtual raffle tickets for coveted prizes.

In 2023, the lucky winner, Jay Yearley, walked away with a Meta Quest 3, immersing himself in content like GorillaZilla, an AR-first-person version of the classic “Rampage” game. The winner discovered this captivating experience through an XR Bootcamp webinar, igniting his journey into VR development using Unity and Meta’s Presence Platform. As a testament to the power of educational webinars and VR content, Jay is honing his skills and actively contributing to the immersive tech landscape.

The partnership with Vennity not only enriches the raffle experience with blockchain and NFT technology but also empowers The Next Evolution in expanding its educational initiatives. These initiatives go beyond the hallmark event series, venturing into career awareness and exploration programs, embodying the organization’s commitment to fostering a globally connected society through spatial computing.

For those intrigued by this innovative brand activation, VRAR Chicago recommends exploring Vennity’s seamless process for crafting unique digital collectibles. Vennity’s expertise empowers brands to elevate their presence with engaging NFT adventures. This partnership demonstrates how collaborations between tech consultants, nonprofits, and innovative platforms can amplify the impact of educational programming, driving the mission to make immersive technology an everyday experience.

As The Next Evolution continues to shape the future of spatial computing education, supported by strategic partnerships, the organization envisions Chicago as a global leader in spatial computing adoption. Join the movement, embrace the immersive journey, and be part of redefining the future with VRAR Chicago and The Next Evolution: attend an event or support their work – we all know that every penny counts.